The MO-Haku

Being able to express creative freedom is what feeds the artistic soul, so it was very important for me to follow through on a collaboration with friend and creative peer Kelly Porter from Morea Salon, in Kailua, Hi. It was about a year ago that I was messing around with some local Bombax and making a haku into a Mohawk on one of my glass skeleton heads. I Then posted the picture on social media and started getting some great responses. Kelly immediately messaged me that we needed to take this concept to another level we took some basic flower crown skills and twisted them into a more dynamic concept..THE MO-HAKU was born. 

the Mo-Haku

I think for both Kelly and myself we felt that the goal of this particular shoot was not just to achieve a great shot but to measure the process of the journey from start to finish. I documented the layers it takes to create such a vision and this landed up being my favorite part about our visual story was showing the different layers and steps. These are a few of my favorite pictures that I feel captured our 5 hour adventure to our tribal Mo-Haku vision.